As consumer demand continues to evolve, the beef industry does too. The explosion in demand for grass finished beef continues to garner attention. Many producers are utilizing genetics that have evolved over decades geared toward feedlot performance.

Those same genetics often times fail when used in a grass based system. Consumers are now demanding a healthier, flavorful, tender beef that has been raised in a more environmentally conscious manner.

Tailor Made Cattle provides consulting for producers of any size looking for ways to improve their operation and the quality of animal they produce.  



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Steve Campbell teaching linear measurement.

Uncommon Knowledge

Steve has traveled the country seeking the best methods and information that produce results.

After reading countless classic and contemporary works from well-known and obscure authors and after gleaning knowledge from innumerable cattlemen, scientists, and just plain smart people he has found numerous, hard to garner kernels of truth.

These kernels of truth are not what you will commonly find at your local extension agency. But they will work in your area with your cattle.