September 21-22

Gallapolis, Ohio

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November 5-9

I will be attending the

Classic Livestock Managment Services 5 day master class in Claremont, QLD Australia

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Can’t Miss Cow Class Ohio Sept. 21-22, 2018

Featuring: Steve Campbell, Justy Burleson, James Coffelt ,John Fichtner

Questions/Mail checks to: Steve Campbell 2365 Echo Avenue Parma, Idaho 83660 Phone: 208-315-4726 Email:

ON RANCH HOSTED BY JUSTY BURLESON 1176 Merritt Rd Thurman, Ohio 45685

Class size limited to 30. 1st person from ranch $325 Each additional from ranch $225 Includes: flash drive w/ materials

Registration Fri. 8:00 @ Ag Center Friday & Saturday: 8:30-5:30

CH McKenzie Ag. Center 111 Jackson Pike, Ste 1572 Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

Friday Topics

 Drayson’s Prophecy (how your bull may be hurting your herd)

 3 Keys to Easy Keeping Cows

 Whirls, Swirls & Curls & What They Mean to You & Your Profitability

 Linear Measurement and What it Tells You

Saturday Topics

 Live Cattle at the Ranch

 Justy Burleson “Becoming Your Own Expert”

 James Coffelt “Building Your Business: Why and How”

 John Fichtner “Diversity of Species & Developing Stock that Will Thrive in a Grass-Based Operation”

 SOIL, Plant, Animal and Human Health

 Brine Making


Karl Falster said the following regarding the 2017 school in Gainsville Texas, "Frankly I was quite taken with the content, the depth of content of the animal mineral/nutritional exposition(s) and the how to diagnose the physical manifestations of our cow’s condition – in all areas. I’ve looked over my herd with new eyes now. The answer to the several questions from friends and neighbors about how I liked the seminar, is that it was the best and most relevant that I have ever attended. I’m so glad John Guinn pointed out the opportunity to me. I am so grateful for your making it available.

J. B. sent the following email after the Fort Wayne School...

"Since we all had the pleasure of learning from Gearld and Steve, I have begun to practice some of the skills taught and use some of their recommendations in regards to mineral.  As I expressed at the seminar and so did some of you, pinekeye has been a thorn in my side the last 3 years.  When I went to the conference, I probably had 30 cases of active Pinkeye. This is in a herd of around 200 or more total animals.  I had 5 completely blind animals.
When I returned home, I didn't have access to everything I needed to completely start the mineral program.  I did have some Kansas Sea Salt, so I thought I would start with Steve's brine solution. Once again I didn't have a big enough tub so I used a 20 gallon mineral tub.  Instead of using a bucket, I just put 10 pounds in and stirred it up.  It was all gone the next day.  For the next week I went through 1 to 2 of these per day.  Within that week all Pinkeye in the animals that had access to the brine was halted.   Four of the blind animals recovered enough sight to get around pretty well.  The fifth is still blind and hasn't had brine (test case I guess).  I am now using a 50 gallon rubber maid tank and I put about 20 pounds of salt in it.  They go through 1 a day with maybe a touch unfinished.  Other side benefits seem to be even shinier coats and the best of all very intense heat signs (Steve believes my conception rates will get even better)."