Comments from a new friend

"Wow, what a blessing Steve has been to our program. I met Steve in Gainesville, Tx at a one day conference, which was put on by the Dixon Water Foundation in December of 2012. My partner and I knew the direction we wanted to go but we needed a little help (so we thought). Who could talk for 5 hours and never talk about the same thing twice (unless ask to), yes it was Steve Campbell. Talking about whorls in the animal forehead, swirls in the top of there necks, lines running along their sides, shovel handles on their backside, body length verses heart girth, the importance of keeping your calves on there mother for 10 months, breeding at 2 years instead of 1 year (until you get your genetics right).

Any way the list goes on and on and on, which is not a bad thing, but a very good thing. Being fed from a fire hose almost to much to take in at times. I've seen Steve on videos (not his own) measuring bulls for other people, I think they call it consulting fees. I call it money well spent. Steve is very intelligent man. With all his knowledge and know how, Steve has been monumental in the guiding and growing of our cattle program. We're not on top of the world yet, but through Steve we're climbing right up the mountain at a steady pace.

I like thinking about our business and comparing it to an athlete. The more you train and follow your coaches directions, the more successful your program will become. I recall Steve saying, "with all things being equal, l just keep doing what you know is right and you'll get there."

Oh yeah, the little help we needed has turned into a lot of help. Yes your coach, Steve, will be there. You're one heck of a coach.   

Thanks Kevin"

Posted on October 31, 2015 .