How Happy are your cows

In late March, I was at a farm in New York. They still had snow on the ground and feeding hay. On prior visits I had talked about the importance of feeding the Redmond conditioner to their cows for detoxification purposes and how much they should be getting per cow per day. In this unnaturally dirty environment  man has created, the cows were  not consuming enough to truly detox an animal of their size. I suggested they top-dress the hay with 4 ounces/head/day for thirty days to accomplish the desired result.

I was back for different reasons in May and for the first time I saw "HAPPY LINES" on quite a few of the animals. 

I texted the owner that I was seeing them and he said, "I need a visual." I sent this picture (sorry...I don't know how to do that on this new website) and he asked, "What does that mean?" I replied "No mad cow disease anytime soon on this farm."

Seriously, animals have to reach a certain level of  physiological maturity, be in good body condition and a WHOLE lot of health (plenty of minerals and FEW toxins).

Last fall, a farmer closer to home called because he was having some problems with his pure-bred heifers. After about ten minutes of visiting, I found out he was feeding GMO's< in three different forms to his cows. I again suggested Conditioner and within 3 weeks the symptoms had all but disappeared. How can it be that something so natural and inexpensive can get rid of one of man's biggest excursions into the dark side. As Jeff Goldbloom said in Jurassic Park, "(Nature) will find a way!"

Of all of the things I have tried for cattle or humans, this detoxifying clay is the closest thing to a panacea I have seen.

As an aside, look at how close the wrinkles are just off the fingertips of the gentleman's hand. That will be very tender beef. (Sorry again...don't know how to put up that picture ...yet)

Posted on September 7, 2015 .