Finally, a little legislative "Help"

The Missouri legislature passed a bill that makes it illegal to call plant based "meat" ... MEAT

An excerpt from the article...

"... (T)he new rules target newer-generation “plant-based” and “clean” meat startups that aim to replicate the taste and texture of meat precisely—and make direct comparisons explicit in their marketing. One well-known example is Impossible Foods, a startup whose crown jewel is the Impossible Burger: an alternative to the beef patty that looks like meat, tastes like meat (depending on who you ask), and even bleeds like meat—thanks to the presence of “heme,” a tricked-out soy protein that gives the product its famous medium-rare mouthfeel. What makes Impossible Foods different from the Boca Burger is that the company doesn’t really want to be in the vegetarian aisle at all. Just look at the language included on Impossible’s promotional materials, which include phrases like “for people who love meat,” “the experience meat lovers crave,” and “a carnivore’s dream.”

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Posted on May 4, 2018 .