I will take an order of Clean Mineral-Rich food. Hold the toxins please!

I read so may things it is hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. Confirmation bias or what does my gut tell me about this information or does it make common sense? These all play a part in what is the take home message for me. What would Nature do if left alone? That is the final word for me.

I ran across an article entitled It wasn’t the cows after all That checks all of the boxes for me.

The author’s words in the final paragraph really did it for me…

We are now in a scenario where advocates have been pushing chicken and veganism to save the world, and have just learned that all the “data” behind this push is wrong. All of the environmental footprint studies need a re-do. Once cattle—raised on grass without synthetic fertilizer—are accurately assessed, I predict we will be left with chicken and some plant products as top line polluters. As we always say, it’s complicated. But we have to get it right.”

Think about it. Buffalo roaming the great plains helped CREATE all of that good rich top soil. WE have done a pretty good job of transferring quite a bit of it to the mouth of the Mississippi with modern farming practices.


“They keep telling us how bad the measles are. I recently read an article where it was found that is you went through the measles you are less likely to get cancer later on in life. Why are the measles a bigger problem than they used to be. In my opinion, modern, western food has so few minerals and so many more toxins than it ever had … our own immune function can’t cope even with small things like the measles.

Posted on July 4, 2019 .