Cows topping off "Salad Bar" (Joel Salatin term) with vinergar and ... Sea Salt???

I am trying something new these days. About a month Rock Thompson of Buffalo SD told me of an experiment he was running on his ranch in the interest of trying to get his cows to consume 4-5 ounces of SEA SALT per head per day. A mix of 50# of sea salt with 5-6 gallons of ACV.

This solves three problems all at once.

1) A mammal in an alkaline body PH is lee likely to get disease than that same animal with an acid body PH reading. Both Sea Salt and ACV are Alkaline forming in the body. A natural disease resistance.

2) According to Carey Reams, when we are in an acid state it is more difficult to get the minerals out of what we are eating and even harder to store them in our body. SEA Salt is all about the minerals.

3) The ACV (especially that which originates at Golden Valley Vinegar in Fruitland Idaho) helps animals digest standing dry forage (summer or winter) and stored dry hay when winter feeding.

Below is a short video of that mix when first introduced to a set of cows in Nebraska. More to be posted here in the near future on this experiment. Looks like a big winner so far.

Posted on August 28, 2019 .