August 25-26

Athens Texas

2 day school

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August 21-22 Lucas Kansas

Jan Bonsma Field Days

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Dr. Jan Βonsma Seminar August 21-22, 2018 Lucas, K ansas

August 21:

1 pm speakers Cattle Production Lessons in Function follows Form

Ron Bolze, NE  | Steve Campbell, ID  |  Bill Hodge, GA I Austin Keith, IA  |  Gene Meitler, KS  Speakers at Lucas Theater, 116 So. Main St., Lucas, KS

6 pm  Prime Rib Dinner

August 22nd
8 am  At the Ranch (Breakfast, Live animal demonstrations) noon  Lunch Served (After Lunch, view cattle & network time)
Motels:  Lincoln:  Post Rock Motel: 785-524-4424 Russell:  Days Inn: 785-483-6660, Fossil Inn: 785-483-4200   The Lodge at Russell: 785-483-2107 Lucas:     Horseshoe Lodge: 785-525-7717

Registration: $175; First 150 to send fees will be registered. Fee includes 2 days of excellent speakers and demonstrations and three meals. Seminar reservations due no later than August 15th .

Meitler Cattle Call Gene 785-658-5612 Darris 785-658-5208 or Clint 785-658-7028 Send registration fee: 1237 N. 13th Rd., Lucas, KS, 67648


Karl Falster said the following regarding the 2017 school in Gainsville Texas, "Frankly I was quite taken with the content, the depth of content of the animal mineral/nutritional exposition(s) and the how to diagnose the physical manifestations of our cow’s condition – in all areas. I’ve looked over my herd with new eyes now. The answer to the several questions from friends and neighbors about how I liked the seminar, is that it was the best and most relevant that I have ever attended. I’m so glad John Guinn pointed out the opportunity to me. I am so grateful for your making it available.

J. B. sent the following email after the Fort Wayne School...

"Since we all had the pleasure of learning from Gearld and Steve, I have begun to practice some of the skills taught and use some of their recommendations in regards to mineral.  As I expressed at the seminar and so did some of you, pinekeye has been a thorn in my side the last 3 years.  When I went to the conference, I probably had 30 cases of active Pinkeye. This is in a herd of around 200 or more total animals.  I had 5 completely blind animals.
When I returned home, I didn't have access to everything I needed to completely start the mineral program.  I did have some Kansas Sea Salt, so I thought I would start with Steve's brine solution. Once again I didn't have a big enough tub so I used a 20 gallon mineral tub.  Instead of using a bucket, I just put 10 pounds in and stirred it up.  It was all gone the next day.  For the next week I went through 1 to 2 of these per day.  Within that week all Pinkeye in the animals that had access to the brine was halted.   Four of the blind animals recovered enough sight to get around pretty well.  The fifth is still blind and hasn't had brine (test case I guess).  I am now using a 50 gallon rubber maid tank and I put about 20 pounds of salt in it.  They go through 1 a day with maybe a touch unfinished.  Other side benefits seem to be even shinier coats and the best of all very intense heat signs (Steve believes my conception rates will get even better)."