Brazilian protein, grass starting and grass finishing.

I am sure some of you have seen the news about the Brazilians behaving badly. As it is, there will be a sizable reaction for a while and then the world will get back to "normal'" Too bad normal is not as nice as it used to be (AH, the good old days). 

I think this event, as sad as it is for consumers, will only drive consumers to more local (US not Brazilian) meat products and for cleaner meat products. We on the Grass-Finishing side have both bases covered.

Grass Starting? Well, where I am coming from is an article I read at "ON PASTURE" regarding grass tetany (which happens when grass is starting in the spring). Very timely advice.

Grass Finishing. Well, it's what we do. Thinking back to a few conversations over the winter. "Grass Fed Cattle" by Julius Roeushel is a very good book on the subject, even though it is 11 years old (used copies are probably easy to find). There is going to be quite a bit more competition in the next few years. Time to solidify your market, improve your margins, and stop calling it simply grass-fed beef. There are going to be a number of unhappy consumers of grass-fed beef over the next few years. Take the high ground today in the naming and advertising of your products.

Thank you again. Upcoming schools with Gearld Fry at the end of June, early September and Late October.

Posted on March 28, 2017 .