Bovine Genetic Schools with Gearld Fry

February 9-10th 2017 Gainsville Texas is FULL

June 27-28 in Fort Wayne, IN. -- October 27-28 in Valdosta, GA.

"Knowledge hiding in plain sight, a Seekers path to wisdom"

Come, join Gearld Fry and Steve Campbell in a school designed specifically for YOU to learn how to select, manage and breed for the cow herd and bulls that will give you the highest return for every bite of your grass (forage) consumed.


   Genetic management and grazing management are two sides of the same coin. If you don’t have the correct cow on your grass you do not get the highest utilization for each bite of grass she consumes, regardless of the type of grazing strategy you implement on your ranch.

   Selling grass through cows is how cattle-people make their livelihood and that requires a specific body type for superior results in getting pregnant, giving birth, raising that calf and breeding back for another calf in 12 months.                                       

    Learn how to observe and know what your herd bull can do for your existing cows and why he is THE most important animal on the farm in terms of getting you to the kind of cow herd that will excel on your farm. The bull and his genetics are the most cost effective method for herd improvement. Epi-genetics determines whether his offspring express get all the bull you bought.

   Gearld Fry is among the very first (if not the first) to begin teaching, opening doors and helping cattle producers understand that supplements are detrimental to a profitable and successful cattle operation. EPDs, feed lot domination and teaching had destroyed the peasant wisdom required for an all forage cattle operation.               

    Steve Campbell met Gearld Fry in 2002 and quickly climbed on board and has become a widely accepted and knowledgeable teacher and consultant. Steve, with this peasant understanding, has developed his own gene pool on a total grass based diet. Many producers around the country depend on Steve to help make on farm/ranch decisions for them and the most often request is to help their replacement heifer and bull selections for rebuilding their herds that thrive on their forage.

   Come with “eyes to see and ears to hear” these two artisans share their knowledge and assist you in making your operation more profitable.

More information about each event coming, once we figure it out.

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Steve Campbell    Cell 208-315-4726   email

Posted on February 1, 2017 .