Are your cows working for you


We own land because it grows grass; we own cows because they eat that grass and convert it into milk, meat, fat and protein and we turn production into cash. The quality of that milk (butter-fat) determines the amount of profit you receive from your grass and each cow on your farm. Regardless of what other practices you incorporate on your farm, you reduce each cows’ daily intake by 20-50% with the proper selection, development and breeding of that animal.

     As far as Gearld Fry and I know there are very few people or places that teach ranch friendly cow selection and development for the utilization of your grass. Grass utilization and butter-fat is so critical for profit, for developing replacements, for developing the herd sires and the calves you create for the grass-finished market. Many producers work tirelessly at managing their grass and pastures with very little cattle (genetic) management and no consideration for the herd sire.

    The value of your cow herd is a market investment. YOU can make that investment pay greater dividends.  Learn how to make that assessment of your cow herd and how to choose the herd sire that will make the cows you already own more profitable through their offspring. 

Posted on December 16, 2016 .